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Welcome To The World Of Blockchain, Crypto, And Web3.

You are probably confused about all these different terms and words. The path to learning crypto and blockchain is never easy. But don’t worry, we are here to help you. At DeSpace University, we have all the different articles covering various topics in the crypto space.

We understand people often feel discouraged when they are still new in this industry. Our guides are tailored specifically for all the people who want to learn crypto, blockchain, and the web3 industry. From market analysis, tutorials, and even altcoin comparisons, you can find it all here.

Let’s not waste more of our time. Let’s begin right away!

What Is Cryptocurrency?
Cryptocurrency or crypto is digital money that relies on cryptography processes for its transactions. Unlike digital fiat transfer (i.e., payment apps on your mobile), crypto always utilizes blockchain to keep records and verify its transactions.
The benefits of crypto are obvious when it comes to cross-border transfers or transactions without a trusted third party. It takes a lot of time for a cross-border fiat transfer since every country puts the transaction records on centralized servers. On the other hand, crypto transfers are more efficient.

It’s possible for crypto to do this because the blockchain network is maintained by many different nodes all over the world. That’s why the blockchain is called a decentralized network. Another good point of crypto is the fact that its transaction records are immutable since it’s very hard to change past transaction records without major collusion. The more decentralized a blockchain is, the harder it becomes to alter it.

If you are interested to learn more about cryptocurrency and how it works, you should start with our cryptocurrency for dummies and beginner guide. We cover everything there, including how the blockchain works, and both the advantages and risks of crypto.

The Advantages Of Crypto

You might be wondering what the advantages of crypto are compared to the usual fiat currencies and all the payment applications built around them.

Well, crypto utilizes the blockchain, where everything is managed in a decentralized manner. And of course, crypto itself complements the decentralization aspect further since the blockchain incentives are always paid in crypto.

For example, why would you become a validator of a public blockchain if there’s no incentive? The incentive of a public blockchain is usually hard-coded in the native crypto of the blockchain itself, so there is no need to trust a third party.
This is vastly different from fiat currencies, where the servers and processes are managed in a centralized manner. That’s why fiat currencies are more vulnerable to corruption and collusion risks.

While crypto and the blockchain system have flaws and certain disadvantages, they also have huge benefits and use cases. We highly suggest you start with our centralized vs. decentralized – all the pros and cons article, so you know full well which are the main advantages and disadvantages of crypto and the blockchain system compared to centralization.

What About Bitcoin?

What about this magic internet money called Bitcoin? You probably have heard about it from your friends or family members. Why do people always associate the word “crypto” with “Bitcoin”? What is it, exactly?
Well, Bitcoin is the first and original cryptocurrency. Until today it’s still the biggest crypto by market cap. That’s actually the reason why everybody always associates the word “crypto” with “Bitcoin,” just like how people associate the word “search engine” with “Google.”
Bitcoin’s white paper was created in 2008 by someone who called himself Satoshi Nakamoto. In 2009, the first Bitcoin software was deployed. Slowly but surely, Bitcoin was able to gain popularity among internet believers.
Due to its fame, nowadays, Bitcoin has millions of followers all around the world. Some hardcore crypto fanatics believe that one day Bitcoin will be able to become digital gold or even the world’s reserve currency. Check out our value of Bitcoin article if you want to dive deeper into it.

How About Other Things In Crypto Like Web3 Or DeFi?

If you are in this subsection, I assume you have enough knowledge already about the basics of crypto, blockchain, and Bitcoin. We explained them all above with some links to guide you further.

So, what about the other things in crypto like the web3, or DeFi, or market prediction?

Don’t worry, we have the right resources for you. Here are some of the articles you need to check before you go further. Once we have more published articles, we will expand this subsection further.

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